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Space Shuttle Seen From Bay Terrace

It’s not everyday we see a spaceship fly by our North Queens area, however, on Friday, around 9:45AM, if you were looking up at the sky, it wasn’t a bird, or a plane, it was the Shuttle Enterprise on top of a jumbo jet flying into JFK airport.  It will eventually be transported by barge to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, which is located at Pier 86 in Manhattan.

The Space Shuttle Enterprise (NASA Orbiter Vehicle DesignationOV-101) was the first Space Shuttle orbiter. It was built for NASA as part of the Space Shuttle program to perform test flights in the atmosphere.[2] It was constructed without engines or a functional heat shield, and was therefore not capable of spaceflight. On September 17, 1976, the first full scale prototype was completed.[3]

Credit to Carol Kolinger and the Bayside Patch for photographing the Space Shuttle from Bay Terrace.


Please help us elect our very own Tim Ho as the fan favorite “30 Under 30” Realtor of the Year!

Please help us elect our very own Tim Ho as the fan favorite

“30 Under 30” Realtor of the Year.

Tim, the lead buyer specialist at the Energized Realty Group,
age 26, is a finalist for the 2012 National Association
of Realtor’s Top “30 Under 30” award this year and
we are reaching out to ask you to please click on the link for
Tim as the Fan Favorite

To read more about Tim, who began his successful real estate career
4 years ago, please click here

Price floors leave many New Yorkers stuck in apartments – By Tripp Whetsell / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

This is the article that was needed to uncover what is going on in developments where boards and management hold their shareholders hostage. It is a shame that good people who want to move on w/ their lives cannot make their own decisions based on their life values to live where they want to, because others are afraid of what would happen with their own profit margins. I completely support Mr. McClusky and others like him, and as a realtorfor over 25 years, I empathize with the freedom to make your own decision about what price you want to take and when you want to move!

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The Energized Realty Group – That’s Who We Are

Our mission is to create raving fans. One of the ways we do that is by letting people know who we really are and how we work together.  People like to do business with people they feel they know and like – so here’s another peek at the inside works of the Energized Realty Group!

Yesterday we celebrated 2 important occasions:
Our annual Kris Kringle holiday celebration designed to show appreciation for our colleagues who because we work so closely with them, have become our friends.

The other cause of celebration is that…
This past December, Judy simply modified her company’s name to the Energized Realty Group.  Judy is proud to present a new look for the team, because there truly is just one… Just Judy and the Energized Realty Group.

Please note that the Energized Realty Group is an independent office and that we are not affiliated with any other entity or office.

Our 1st Annual Pie Event

Our 1st Annual Pie Give-Away Event for our V.V.I.P.’s (contact us on how you can become a V.V.I.P.) was a success.  We gave out over 240 pies. 

We are grateful for Francis Lewis Pastry Shoppe for meeting and exceeding our expectations.  It was a mad rush to the finish line but John’s pies delivered. 

From time-to-time we will let you know other “Energized” businesses like us, whos main objective is to deliver raving fan results.

John, your pumpkin and apple pies are to die for! Thank you!