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The Energized Realty Group – That’s Who We Are

Our mission is to create raving fans. One of the ways we do that is by letting people know who we really are and how we work together.  People like to do business with people they feel they know and like – so here’s another peek at the inside works of the Energized Realty Group!

Yesterday we celebrated 2 important occasions:
Our annual Kris Kringle holiday celebration designed to show appreciation for our colleagues who because we work so closely with them, have become our friends.

The other cause of celebration is that…
This past December, Judy simply modified her company’s name to the Energized Realty Group.  Judy is proud to present a new look for the team, because there truly is just one… Just Judy and the Energized Realty Group.

Please note that the Energized Realty Group is an independent office and that we are not affiliated with any other entity or office.

A Taste of Greece – Only Blocks Away!

Hello all! From time to time, I want to share with you some neighborhood hot spots, not in the nightlife sense, but just places, people and things that are wonderful finds if you live in the area, or want to check out North Queens’ greatness. One of those greats is a small corner place called Kati Allo, where friends and family can connect over amazing authentic Greek food, while sipping some of the BEST Greek style sangria that can be found anywhere! It’s true, it is amazing stuff, the stuff that memories are made of!! Manny, Kati Allo’s owner and host with the most, offers red and white, and both are to die for. The food is great, and I can’t tell you what is better because I have never had anything there that was not delicious! Right now I am practicing some version of vegan, so the falafel’s my fave right now. And the soup is wonderful, fresh and different every day. Thank you Manny and to your beautiful bride, who hosts the place with you. Everyone should go for a perfect night out! They serve lunch too, and don’t be surprised if you see the Energized Realty Group there, over lunch and a meeting, or one evening soon celebrating the holiday season!!